Serving a purpose

A relationship

Between the brand and the artisans

Each artisan, a creator of past successes and armed with a wealth of experience, has a hand in transmitting and adapting knowledge to serve future developments and innovation. Challenge, talent and a search for excellence define their reason for being on an ongoing basis.

As for the brand, its main features include top quality added value, a talent for attentiveness, exceptional know-how and ultra personalisation in keeping with the desires of each and every customer.


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Produced in France

The artisans who work for Bel’R – ARTISAN D’EXCEPTION possess the values of inventiveness, a sense of service, humility, respect and simplicity.

The whole production process is 100% made in France, performed in our workshop at Saint Just Malmont (Haute-Loire).

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Renewed on 6 January 2016, the company is one of the outstanding businesses that have been awarded the “Living Heritage Company” label (known in France as “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant”). Because of this label, Bel’R – ARTISAN D’EXCEPTION is seen to be one of a kind, reconciling tradition and innovation, local and international markets, technology and creativity, heritage and the future, workmanship and passion.

The “Living Heritage Company” label highlights quality and respect for expertise in a craft and certifies our ability to make exceptional products. This is precisely what all of our artisans do every day out of love of this craft, transmitting this passion and satisfying our customers.


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