A wide range of french-style expertise

Our major asset


Our major asset: in-house control of every stage of production affording reliability, quality and uniqueness. Each design is a fresh challenge for our R&D lab making each model a creation brimful of technical sophistication, emotions and values.

Creations brimful of technical sophistication, emotions and values

Our strength

Ultra personnalisation

Our strength : able, since the beginning of the 20th century, to decipher trends and to replicate these trends on ribbon.

Enhance, match and decorate are the watchwords that continually drive the talented men and women who work to ensure that each and every ribbon and braid is unique.


Our passion


First and foremost an encounter with history thanks to the many wooden “shuttle” looms. These old-fashioned looms call for unlimited passion on the part of our artisans when transmitting and perpetuating expertise to assist the innovation and creation of textiles for the future.

A wealth of expertise

Today, the company has the biggest working workshop in the world of these traditional looms, collected one by one from the post-war French countryside. On the other hand, the company has integrated latest technology looms ranging from weaving to quality logistics and including finishing and a set of specific services. Combined with skills management and a management team, our expertise allows us to offer a top of the range service.

tailor-made offer